Biospecimen Products, Services And Collections

Asterand Bioscience, the leading provider of high quality human biospecimens and associated clinical information, uses rigorous criteria for the procurement and quality control of biospecimens. As a result, we acquire biospecimens through different procurement means to best meet the supply demand of our customers through an IRB-approved process.


Human Tissues and Biofluids

XpressBANK™ Biobank

Our extensive repository consists of over 300,000 human tissues and biofluids. This bank includes material that is prospectively obtained in a variety of formats including fresh frozen and FFPE as well as biofluids.

BioSPOKE™ Custom Tissue Procurement

Asterand Bio’s BioSPOKE™ service offers human tissues and clinical data custom collected to meet unique research requirements within a wide range of disease categories. Samples are provided in multiple preserved formats or as fresh and unpreserved biospecimens. As a result, we deliver human tissues, biofluids, and accompanying clinical information in a manner that is most compatible with our client’s experimental design.


Human Tissue Derivatives

Tissue Microarrays (TMAs)

TMAs provide our customer with a screening tool representing multiple donors. TMAs can discover new protein or genetic markers and can be used as tools in diagnostic development and validation. Tissue arrays can also measure protein, RNA or DNA markers, and are compatible with immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining and potentially in Situ Hybridization (ISH). Standard human derived TMAs of tumor and normal samples are available for research studies (from FFPE or Frozen tissue). Products are available both as sections as well as whole block. Custom TMAs are available upon request.

Primary Cells

Asterand Bioscience has extensive scientific expertise in the isolation and propagation of human primary cells. Primary cells offer the closest known comparison to the original tissue. Cells are isolated from both normal and diseased tissue. All donor material is confirmed for tissue type and diagnosis by our certified Pathologists and the resulting cells are known to be free of common human pathogens and are sterility tested. Furthermore, each lot of cells is provided with available donor clinical data and drug history.

Cell Lines

Asterand Bioscience’s selection of immortalized cell lines will further your research in the mechanisms of cancer growth and progression. Our cell lines derive directly from freshly isolated solid tumors, including breast, and prostate tissues and hematological samples. Also, each cell line includes clinical data. Our stringent quality control processes require authentication of each cell line, sterility testing, viability, and plating efficiency. Immortalized cell lines are cryopreserved in 1 x 106 ampules.


Biospecimen Services

Our laboratories provide a number of support services to better enable and accelerate the research of our customers. Especially relevant, our team of highly trained PhD scientists, Scientists, certified Histologists and Board Certified Clinical Pathologists offer a range of contract research and core services designed to serve your needs.


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