Human Tissue and Biofluid

Asterand Bioscience is the leading provider of high quality human tissue and biofluid with associated clinical information. In addition, we use rigorous criteria for the procurement and quality control of tissue. Thus, we acquire tissue through different procurement means to best meet the supply demand of our customers through an IRB-approved process.

XpressBANK™ Human Tissue and Biofluid Biobank

Our extensive repository of over 300,000 human tissues and biofluids.  This bank includes material that is prospectively obtained in a variety of formats including fresh frozen and FFPE, as well as biofluids. We offer tissue sets collected as mirrored and/or matched pairs or as a quad set.

BioSPOKE™ Human Tissue and Biofluid Custom Procurement

Asterand Bio’s BioSPOKE™ service offers human tissues and clinical data custom collected to meet unique research requirements within a wide range of disease categories. Samples are provided in multiple preserved formats or as fresh and unpreserved biospecimens. As a result, we deliver human tissue, biofluid and accompanying clinical information that is most compatible with your experimental design. With our exceptional network we are able to offer tissues custom collected in various formats across a broad therapeutic offering.


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