BioSPOKETM Custom Procurement

Through our BioSPOKETM custom biospecimen procurement service, we collect human tissues and clinical data to meet unique research requirements within a wide range of disease categories. Samples are provided in multiple preserved formats or as fresh and unpreserved biospecimens. This service allows Asterand Bioscience to deliver human tissues, biofluids and accompanying clinical information to our clients of which we collect in a manner which is most compatible with their experimental design. Our ethics as well as technology are top notch in the industry of human tissue.

Exceptional Network

Asterand Bioscience offers unmatched access to human tissue through its global network of more than 80 collaborating donor institutions. Our extensive network combined with expertise in human tissue research makes us exceptionally well-suited to provide clients with specialized biospecimen procurement services.

Extensive Specimen Formats

Our donor institutions have experience in the quality collection of a diverse group of biospecimen formats. Typical donor specimens include: tissue, whole blood, serum, plasma and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). Some more typical donor specimens include bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMCs), urine and sputum. We can ship fresh specimens directly from our collaborative donor sites for arrival within 24 hours of collection. Cell viability has been determined for transit time flexibility in DMEM for those researchers interested in primary cell harvesting from fresh tissues. Specimens may also be flash frozen or formalin fixed.

Broad Therapeutic Offering

In addition to normal donors, our collaborative donor institutions include donors within the: oncology, metabolic, autoimmune, immunology, inflammation, respiratory, post mortem and dermatology therapeutic areas. We are continually expanding our collaborative network to add access to new therapeutic areas for custom biospecimen procurement.

Unparalleled Service

Our biospecimen procurement project management team will manage your custom collection from start to finish. We have pre-approved informed consents and study protocols which will allow for your project to begin quickly. If revisions are needed, Asterand Bioscience will work directly with our collaborators to ensure the consents and protocols meet your requirements.

Our BioSPOKETM custom procurement services typically involve:

  • Development of a collection protocol
  • Development of patient informed consent form (if necessary)
  • IRB Submission (or equivalent) if necessary
  • Provision of supplies, equipment and training
  • Project management and logistics coordination
  • Site monitoring


Please contact to learn more about how our network can meet your custom procurement needs.