XpressBANKTM Biobank

The XpressBANKTM Biobank is a human specimen repository of surgical and post-mortem samples in a variety of formats. Available specimens cover a broad spectrum of anatomic sites and diseases. Our major disease areas include oncology, respiratory and gastrointestinal among others. IRB oversite is in place for all specimen collection, consent utilization and clinical data review. Our Board Certified Clinical Pathologists also confirm tissue, diagnosis and specimen quality.  Standard process requires that tissues are excised and processed with less than 30 min cold ischemic time. Specimens are used to develop new molecular diagnostics, drug development, target validation and the discovery of new biomarkers or diagnostic pathways. Specimens are suitable for use with IHC, ISH, FISH and other technologies.


Material Types

Standard available formats. Additional formats also available. Click here to look at our inventory.


Standard tissue format. Specimens are formalin fixed and paraffin embedded according to Asterand Bioscience SOPs.

Fresh Frozen

Specimen is flash frozen after excision.


Standard collections of plasma, serum and whole blood of normal and diseased states. We collect synovial fluid when available from normal and diseased states. We develop collections of other biofluids including urine, sputum and buccal cells. These biofluids are available as a custom service.


Tissue Sets

Specialized collections of material that consist of different formats of tissue and/or biofluids from the same donor. Click here to look at our inventory.

Mirrored Pair

Specimens provided in both FFPE and Fresh Frozen formats where the specimens are excised from the same tumor section and split in half such that the halves mirror each other.

Matched Pair

Specimens provided in either FFPE or Fresh Frozen formats where the specimens are excised from the same donor, one from the tumor tissue and one from adjacent normal tissue.

Quad Set

Either a Mirrored Pair or a Matched Pair with an accompanying set of biofluids. Each format may be collected with associated biofluids.


For further information, contact us at advantage@asterandbio.com.