Immortalized Cell Lines

Asterand Bioscience’s selection of immortalized cell lines will further your research in the mechanisms of cancer growth and progression. Our cell lines derive directly from freshly isolated solid tumors, including breast and prostate tissues as well as hematological samples. Each cell line purchased includes clinical data delivered with the cell aliquots. Our stringent quality control processes requires authentication including sterility testing, viability, and plating efficiency determined by lot. Immortalized cell lines are cryopreserved in 1 x 106 ampules.

Breast Cell Lines

Through licensing agreements with the University of Michigan and the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Asterand provides 11 well-characterized human breast cancer cell lines to assist in breast cancer research.

Ten SUM cell lines derived in Steve Ethier’s lab while present at the University of Michigan are available for purchase. Each cell line, from a single patient, represents a different subtype of breast cancer. All of the currently known oncogenes with altered expression patterns in breast cancer, in various combinations, are represented and characterized in the SUM lines. Furthermore, these cell lines have been described in over 50 peer-reviewed publications, describing isolation and growth conditions, gene expression data via Affymetrix GeneChips, and biomolecular markers, such as estrogen receptor and Her2 status. Click here to see a bibliography.

CELL LINE NAMECell SourceERPRERBB-2 (HER2)EGFRMutationsGrowth Instructions
SUM-44PEHuman Breast+-3, 4+-CS-04 (r03) SUM44PE Instructions for Use
SUM-52PEHuman Breast--3,4+-CS-05 (r03) SUM52PE Instructions for Use
SUM-102PTHuman Breast--3++CS-06 (r03) SUM102PT Instructions for Use
SUM-149PTHuman Breast--(not activated)2+BRCA1CS-07 (r03) SUM149PT Instructions for Use
SUM-159PTHuman Breast---+CS-08 (r03) SUM159PT Instructions for Use
SUM-185PEHuman Breast--++CS-09 (r03) SUM185PE Instructions for Use
SUM-190PTHuman Breast--3+N/ACS-10 (r03) SUM190PT Cell Line Instructions for Use
SUM-225CWNHuman Breast--3+N/ACS-12 (r03) SUM225CWN Instructions for Use
SUM-229PE*Human Breast---2+K-RasCS-13 (r03) SUM229PE Instructions for Use
SUM-1315MO2Human Breast--++CS-14 (r03) SUM1315MO2 Instructions for Use
*Unless otherwise cited all mutation data is referenced from the patient clinical data and refers to the tumor sample.


Prostate Cell Lines  **

Asterand offers three pairs of prostate tumor and normal cell lines. Researchers at the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Onyvax Ltd., and Asterand collaborated to derive these cell lines from tumors and adjacent “normal” tissues obtained at the time of prostatectomy. These prostate cell lines were immortalized via replication-defective retrovirus transferring the transforming HPV16 or HPV18 E6 and E7 genes.


Cell Lines
**All prostate cell lines were immortalized were by exposing the cells to a replication-defective retrovirus transferring the transforming HPV16 or HPV18 E6 and E7 genes.

CS-18 (r03) Prostate Cell Line Instructions for Use


Hematopoietic Malignancies Cell Lines

Through a licensing agreement with the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Asterand provides well characterized human cell lines derived from patients with hematopoetic malignancies. These cell lines, developed by Doctors Ayad Al-Katib and Ramzi Mohammad, will be of interest to researchers seeking a cure for lymphoma, leukemia, pancreatic cancer, and macroglobulinema.




WSU Cell Lines Instructions for Use


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