Asterand Bioscience continually strives to assist our research customers with the best practices and methods for our products and research services. As part of this, please join our informative and lively webinar discussions, which we host on a variety of research-related topics.


Upcoming Webinars

No upcoming webinars are scheduled at this time.


Previous Webinars

Wednesday 16th November 2016, 4pm GMT, 11am ET and 8am PT

The human isletOrganDOTTM system: a 3D culture platform for evaluation of insulin secretagogues and compounds to promote pancreatic ß cell health

Dr. Graham Place will discuss the development and characterization of the human isletOrganDOT™ system and its value as a robust in vitro model for evaluation of insulin secretagogues using GSIS assays. In addition, he will be presenting the system’s potential for the evaluation of compounds designed to promote ß cell proliferation and health; an exciting new approach to the treatment of diabetes. View this webinar

Wednesday 23rd September 2015, 5pm GMT, 12pm ET and 9am PT

Immunohistochemistry Assay Validation Case Study

Dr. Keith Page will discuss custom-made and target-specific “Validation Arrays” as effective solutions to quantify the performance of antibodies in Companion Diagnostics (CDx) and other immunohistochemical applications. View this webinar


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