Biospecimen Services

Our laboratories provide a number of biospecimen services to better enable and accelerate the research of our customers. Our team of highly trained PhD scientists, Scientists, certified Histologists and Board Certified Clinical Pathologists offer a range of contract research and core services designed to serve your needs.


Histo/Pathology Services

Asterand Bioscience provides a complete team of Histotechnicians, Histotechnologists and Board Certified Pathologists for all your sectioning, cyro-sectioning, staining and analysis needs.



Our services include a number of routine and customize IHC platforms. Our routine IHC assays include ER, PR and HER2 on a validated platforms.

Asterand Bioscience has over 20 years’ of experience performing human tissue-based IHC, with a specialty in custom assay development for commercially-available or client-generated antibodies and binding molecules (biosimilars, bi-specifics and antibody-drug conjugates). Our scientists apply rigorous approaches to deliver intelligent assay design, optimized and robust immunostaining protocols, and expert data interpretation. IHC assays are fully automated and run on Dako Autostainer Plus, Ventana Discovery XT or Leica BondRx machines.

Mutation Screening

Mutation analysis is now being used as a diagnostic tool and is being used in basic research but also in drug and diagnostic development. Asterand Bioscience performs both standard mutation analysis for lung, melanoma and colon and custom mutation screens.  We offer custom screening of banked inventory using qPCR, Sanger/Pyrosequencing, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), IHC or FISH. With our ready access to large cohorts of human tissues, we offer the expertise of experimental design, execution and management of your project. Contact us to discuss your project with our specialists.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a versatile and powerful technology for drug discovery and development researchers and Asterand Bio offers a wide-range of flow analysis capabilities and support to help you determine the best strategy for your needs. Our cellular and molecular analysis services are designed to accelerate your immune monitoring, epitope discovery, immunophenotyping or cell isolation projects

Custom Tissue Microarrays (Frozen And FFPE Tissue, Cell Lines)

Custom TMAs can be designed and manufactured for customers using frozen and FFPE tissue or material from cell lines using a variety of core sizes and optimization with our experienced team. Tissues can be provided by customers or selected from our biobank.  We also have custom and disease specific TMAs.


Primary Cell Isolation And Culture

Our scientists provide custom isolations of mammalian fibroblasts from solid tumors, normal tissue or diseased tissue as well as peripheral blood mononucleocytes (PBMCs). We have primary cells as well as immortalized cell lines.


Molecular Pathology Services

Our team of scientists offer routine RNA, DNA and protein isolation from flash frozen tissue, FFPE and cell isolations. We also provide mutation analysis on several of our products as well as a custom service.




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