For over 20 years, Asterand Bioscience’s experienced scientists have worked collaboratively with clients to facilitate the efficient selection of drug targets and candidate therapeutics with the highest likelihood for clinical success by providing a variety of pre-clinical research services.

From target and biomarker validation to characterizing the effects of drug candidates for both potency and safety using human tissue-based approaches, Asterand Bioscience provides clients with high-quality experimental design, execution, data interpretation and reporting.

Each project is managed by a dedicated scientific project manager and customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Projects are further enhanced by Asterand Bioscience’s expertise in collecting and preparing high quality, well-annotated diseased and non-diseased human biospecimens.


Key Services


Target and Biomarker Validation

Gene Expression and Localization


Protein Expression and Localization


Compound Evaluation and Safety


Companion Diagnostics


Supporting Services

  • Custom Tissue Microarrays
  • Gene mutation analysis (including KRAS, EGFR, Her2)
  • Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)
  • Primary cell isolation and culture

    Working with Asterand Bioscience

     Trusted Scientific Partner

    • Extensive experience in the application of human tissue-based research to drug discovery and development.
    • Consultative, tailored scientific approach delivers high quality human tissue-based data.
    • Proven track record in experimental design and data interpretation.
    • Comprehensive range of research services provides support from target validation to therapeutic compound evaluation.
    • Diligent and dedicated scientific approach to effectively extend your research team resource.


    Confidence and Professional Delivery

    • Scientific continuity provided throughout research programs.
    • Ready access to high quality human tissues and comprehensive clinical data.
    • Human tissues sourced with ethical approval and consent for research.
    • Collaborative approach and professional project management.
    • GLP compliant quality management system.
    • Reliable data delivery to strict timelines.
    • All resulting data and project IP belong to project sponsor.


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