Compound Evaluation and Safety

The primary reason for drug candidates failing during clinical development remains a lack of desired clinical effect. In addition many promising test compounds still fall out of development due to unforeseen side effects. Asterand Bioscience provides data from various human primary cell-based assays to support the identification and selection of compounds with the best characteristics for further pre-clinical and clinical development. Studies can be designed to determine the potency, effect and safety of test compounds in human tissues. Our human tissue-based approaches allow rapid and early evaluation of compounds in biologically relevant tissues. Data support informed pre-clinical go/no-go decisions for drug candidates and formulations, providing confidence for progressing the right compounds through the clinic.


Our Services

2D and 3D Human Cell Based Assays

We provide a range of conventional (2D) and 3D human cell based assays to assess the potency, effect and safety of potential new therapeutics.


Custom Assay Development and Primary Cells

Many research projects require a custom solution, so we are able apply our expertise to the design and development of new cell and tissue based functional assays.  To support a custom approach, we are able to isolate human primary cells from diseased or non-diseased tissues.

One example of this is our panel of primary cells isolated from different lung diseases.



Therapeutic Antibody Safety

In addition, our expert molecular pathology team provide GLP tissue cross reactivity data for the safety assessment of novel therapeutic antibodies.


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