3D Human Cell-Based Assays

Three dimensional cell cultures are increasingly the method of choice for modelling cell behavior investigation of the effects of pre-clinical development compounds.  In particular, multicellular 3D cell culture formats, often utilising extracellular matrix (ECM) components for cell attachment / microenvironment influence, allow cells to form multi-layered structures or aggregates. There is increasing evidence that primary cells maintained in a 3D environment rather than conventional 2D culture more faithfully resemble the behavior and responsiveness of cells seen in intact tissues

Asterand Bioscience provides established 3D cell culture platforms and 3D cell-based assay development, designing customized assays and relevant biological endpoints to meet specific project needs.


Established Organotypic 3D Assay Platforms

Human Pancreatic Islets for the Study of Type 2 Diabetes

Using our proprietary OrganDOT™ platform, Asterand Biosciences developed the isletOrganDOT™ model.

Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells for the Study of Respiratory Function

Asterand Bioscience has extensive experience in the preparation of organotypic cultures of human bronchial epithelium, using air-liquid interface (ALI) conditions to generate highly differentiated, mucociliary cultures that mimic many of the features of the airway epithelium.  This platform allows us to establish appropriate in vitro assays for profiling the functional activity of novel therapeutics.

Organotypic 3D Assay Platforms in Development

Liver Fibrosis

Asterand Bioscience received funding in September 2014 from the UK Technology Strategy Board (Innovate UK) to lead the development of a 3D multicellular liver fibrosis model.  We are collaborating with the University of Manchester for the parallel evaluation of a matrix-free (OrganDOT™) and matrix-based (RAFT™) platform.


Asterand Bioscience is developing 3D human primary multicellular oncology models using the OrganDOT™ platform.  Initial development work has been completed using a lung cancer cell line.

 *OrganDOTs – an organotypic 3D tissue culture platform. Sundstrom L, Biggs T, Laskowski A, Stoppini L. Expert Opinion in Drug Discovery. 2012, 7(6): 525-534.

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