Custom Cell-Based Assays

Asterand Bioscience has established expertise in the isolation and culture of human primary cells and in the development of human primary cell-based assays (both 2D and 3D)  to support late lead optimization/candidate selection stage compound evaluation.

Non-human tissues and cultured cells and human recombinant cell lines are used effectively for screening and the initial identification of compounds with desired pharmacological effects. Moreover, using human tissues and primary cells ultimately provides translational data to support the selection of those compounds with the best opportunity for success in the clinic.

Human Tissue Types

Our core cell-based assay disease areas are inflammation, respiratory and metabolic, with development of 2D and 3D cell culture models ongoing in oncology and fibrosis.

In addition to our respiratory disease cell panel, other examples of primary cells that have been isolated for custom projects include:


Isolation and culture of human primary cell types can be developed upon request.

2D and 3D Culture Expertise Allows Combination of the Most Appropriate Models and Endpoints for Maximum Translational Impact

We also offer a variety of biochemical assay endpoints for profiling compound effects in intact human tissues, freshly isolated human cells and subcellular fractions. Custom cell based assays using primary human cells can be developed and validated to meet client’s specific requirements.




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