Mutation Analysis

To address an area of increasing need of our pharma and diagnostics clients, we are able to combine ready access to large cohorts of human tissues with expertise in the design and execution of qRT-PCR and FISH protocols. qRT-PCR is an effective approach for determining the status of various somatic mutations in human tissue samples.  These data aid selection of specific subsets of human tissue samples for future use / applications.  We have provided such pre-screening services to enable tissue selections for KRAS and EGFR. Using FISH, we generate data that enable characterization of tissues for specific mutations such as HER2 or cMET gene amplifications or ROS or ALK gene rearrangements. Xpressway_Panel_Web_Image4

ROS1 mutation analysis by FISH. These assay control data show the centromeric probe alone (green; panels A & B) and with the “break apart” probes for ROS1 (red; panels C & D) in a ROS1 wild-type cell line (A & C) and a ROS1 mutant (B & D) cell line.


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