Quantitative Gene Expression (TaqMan)

Using our qRT-PCR platform we provide robust, quantitative gene expression data in standard and custom cohorts of diseased and non-diseased human tissues. The data is used to support target selection, to understand tissue specific, disease relevant or population differences in gene expression. Some additional purposes include to alert investigators to potential safety liabilities and to validate animal models. We are also able to characterize tissue cohorts for specific somatic mutations, like KRAS, EGFR, AKT using a qRT-PCR based approach.

Asterand Bio offers custom PCR analysis for clients who wish to investigate the level of expression of a target(s) in cohorts of specific normal and/or diseased tissue types. Tissues used can be specific by the cliwent (prospective collection, XpressBANK sourced or client-owned). Our scientists can start with the tissue specimens and preform the DNA/RNA extraction or start with client supplied DNA/RNA. We then QC the nucleic acid and perform the qRT-PCR.


Example of custom assay demonstrating increased expression of Target X in COPD versus other lung diseased.

Useful for:

  • Target validation support
  • Disease relevance
  • Normal/diseased tissues
    • Oncology
    • Respiratory
    • Cardiovascular
    • Metabolic disease
    • CNS / PNS
    • Inflammatory / autoimmune
    • Any disease indication / tissue available


For further information, or to discuss a specific study, contact us at advantage@asterandbio.com.