Protein Expression

The Asterand Bioscience team delivers high quality molecular pathology data to support the selection and validation of drug targets and biomarkers in human tissues.  In addition, the approaches we provide are ideally suited for diagnostic assay development and testing. Our molecular pathology platforms are used to great effect as endpoints for our human primary cell based assays. This allows changes in the expression of key targets to be determined following treatment of human cells with novel therapeutic agents.


Our services include:


Asterand Bioscience has almost 20 years’ experience of performing human tissue-based IHC, with a specialty in custom assay development for commercially-available or client-generated antibodies and binding molecules (biosimilars, bi-specifics and antibody-drug conjugates). Our scientists apply rigorous approaches to deliver intelligent assay design, optimized and robust immunostaining protocols, and expert data interpretation. IHC assays are fully automated and run on Dako Autostainer Plus, Ventana Discovery XT or Leica BondRx machines.

ISH Multiplexing

Via ISH:IHC multiplexing, Asterand Bio is able to localize mRNA and protein expression in the same tissue

Tissue Microarrays

TMAs provide our customer with a screening tool representing multiple donors. TMAs can be used to discover new protein or genetic markers and as tools in diagnostic development and validation. Tissue arrays can also measure protein, RNA or DNA markers, and are compatible with immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining and potentially in situ Hybridization (ISH). Standard human derived TMAs of tumor and normal samples are available for research studies (from FFPE or Frozen tissue). Products are available both as sections as well as whole block. Custom TMAs are available upon request.


When immunohistochemical analysis of our XpressArray™ Tissue Microarrays are used in combination with our XpressWay™ profiles, valuable information on RNA and protein expression can be obtained.

Laser Capture Microscopy (LCM)

Combining histopathology expertise and quantitative measurement of mRNA expression, we have recently launched our laser capture microdissection service.  LCM allows specific regions of complex tissues to be isolated and prepared for subsequent gene expression studies using qRT-PCR.



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