Evaluation of Antibody-like Molecules

With the increasing demands for experimental validation of therapeutic antibodies and antibody-like molecules, Asterand Bioscience has developed protocols for the validation.

We are able to detect a wide range of potentially clinically relevant molecules and can confirm the specificity of their binding.

  • Antibodies: Humanized, bispecifics, camelids
  • Synthetics: Therapeutic peptides, DARPins, Glycopolymers CAR-T cell molecules
    • Confirmation by dual immunostaining with  reference antibodies



Validation of a small peptide-binding molecule using dual-label immunofluorescence on frozen section of lung tumor. Panel A: Shows incubation with an “antibody-like” Peptide-binding molecule that binds protein X. Panel B: Shows staining of a commercial antibody raised against protein X. Panel C: Shows the dual label signal where yellow indicates the co-localisation of the antibody and peptide binding molecule.


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