XpressArray™ Gene & Protein Expression

Asterand offers a unique capability based on the combined analysis of quantitative gene expression and protein expression. XpressArray™ is our platform for immunohistochemistry that utilizes a series of human tissue microarrays constructed in-house, the content of which match the human tissues in our XpressWay™ Profiles.  72 different human tissues, each from 3 non-diseased donors, are represented in our XpressArray™ platform.  These arrays can be examined immunohistochemically to determine the precise location of the proteins of interest based on the quantitative gene expression data from an XpressWay™ Profile for your target.

The data shown illustrate the value of a combined qRT-PCR and immunohistochemical approach. Where target copy numbers are low, protein expression might be predicted to be equally low.  But in DRG, prostanoid EP4-receptor immunoreactivity was found to be located specifically within the ganglion cells, suggesting a role for EP4-receptors in the modulation of sensory information, including pain. These observations, derived from the use of XpressArray™, add significantly to the value of the data generated within XpressWay™ Profiles.



XpressArray combines IHC detection with XpressWay gene expression profiling. EP4 receptor immunoreactivity in ganglion cells in human DRG (left panel). XpressWay™-generated stellar plot of EP4 receptor expression across 72 human tissue types (mRNA copies per 100ng of total RNA) (right panel).


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