Flow Cytometry


Flow cytometry is a versatile and powerful technology for drug discovery and development researchers and Asterand Bio offers a wide range of flow analysis capabilities and support to help you determine the best strategy for your needs. Our cellular and molecular analysis services are designed to accelerate your immune monitoring, epitope discovery, immunophenotyping or cell isolation projects. With off-the-shelf solutions to customized complex flow analysis, we serve as a strategic resource with extensive capabilities to develop, validate and deploy assays for the unique examination of various parameters.

  • Understand mechanism of action of compounds
  • Understand response of cells to external stimuli
  • Develop biomarkers for companion diagnostic development
  • Identify patient stratification patterns leading to improved response rates
  • Custom cell isolation and cellular characterization


    Clinical development requires a wide range of flow analysis capabilities, each with its own optimization and validation. In order to support your R&D efforts, our flow cytometry services strategically align with specific drug development programs across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Asterand Bio analyzes a multitude of specimen types including whole blood, fresh and frozen tumor or normal tissue, and PBMCs/BMMCs from pre-clinical model systems and human clinical trials. Combined with our BioSPOKE™ Custom Tissue Procurement Service, our Flow Cytometry Sample Analysis Service is able to isolate unique and rare primary cell populations and characterize these populations according to your needs.

    Flow Cytometry Platforms

    BD LSR II – The BD™ LSR II flow cytometer is the most flexible yet powerful benchtop analyzer available. Free up your high-performance cell sorter by moving non-sorting applications that require a UV or Krypton laser to the BD LSR II. Innovative technology in the BD LSR II optics and digital electronics have created a more sensitive flow cytometer that yields more information from each sample.

    SH800S Cell Sorter Sorting Made Simple™ – The benchtop SH800S cell sorter permits sorting of a wide range of cell sizes and applications using the 70 µm, 100 µm, and 130 µm microfluidics sorting chips. This novel, chip-based design is fully integrated with comprehensive fluidics controls and advanced automation for set-up, acquisition, sort and analysis to make sorting less subjective, more precise and easier to use.

    Sony SY3200 – The SY3200 platform is designed for configurability to adapt to the demanding needs of a variety of sorting labs. Unique to any system in flow cytometry, the SY3200 is expandable to a dual system layout, effectively enabling two systems in one. All configurations of the SY3200 can share the detector and electronics console to allow for expansion to a second independent system with a marginal increase in lab space.

    Flow Cytometry Sample Analysis

    We offer a wide-range of flow analysis capabilities and support to help you determine the best strategy for your needs, including the following:

    Immune cell phenotyping
    Immune cell function
    Intracellular cytokine
    Intracellular protein
    Receptor occupancy
    Hematologic malignancies

    Signal transduction/cell signaling
    Apoptosis pathways
    Natural killer cell activity
    ADCC activity
    Platelet activation

    Cell cycle regulation
    Tumor suppresor gene expression
    Protein expression
    Proliferation/Cell cycle
    Translational control regulation
    Cell growth regulation
    Apoptotic checkpoints
    Antigen-specific cell responses
    Cell enumeration

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