White Papers & Case Studies

As a recent addition to our website, we hope that our White Papers will be a valuable supplement to the Asterand Bioscience knowledge base. As this aims to be a useful resource for researchers, please let us know if there is additional information that you require or a specific topic you would like to see here.

Duplex detection of diabetes-related mRNA and protein targets using the latest-generation histology methodologies

RNA Quality Assurance using RIN

XpressWAY Profiles – Understanding the Expression Pattern of SGLT2 in Human Tissues – For development of diabetes therapies


Asterand Bio Publications Library

Our Asterand Bio Library contains selected published papers, abstracts, posters and articles by our scientific team. Most have a link to the relevant material. but please let us know if you need more information. Click for Library

For your convenience, here are our most recent publications:

Utilizing multiplex chromogenic IHC and digital image analysis to evaluate immune cell content and spatial distribution within NSCLC tumor tissue. L. Sherry et al. AACR 2017 Download

Content and spatial distribution analysis of PD-L1 positive tumor cells and CD8 positive T-cells within multiplex IHC stained NSCLC tumor tissue. L. Dawson et al. Molecular Med TriCON 2017 Download

Development of robust in vitro 3D models of human tumors for identification and evaluation of anti-cancer drugs. A. Harvey et al. AACR Int. Conf on New Frontiers in Cancer Research 2017 Download

Integrated genomic characterization of esophageal cancer. Asterand Bioscience et al. Nature 2017 Link

How biobanks are assessing and measuring their financial sustainability. A. Brown et al. BIOPRESERVATION AND BIOBANKING 2017. Link



Multiplexing ISH

IPF Human Primary Cells


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